Eunice Dennie Burr Chapter

Daughters of the American Revolution

Fairfield, Connecticut


William Allen, Patriotic Service, Private

Nathan Banks, Sergeant

Gershom Banks, Jr., Private

Joseph Chapman, Civil Service

Tracy Cleveland, Private

Hezekiah Douglas, Ensign

Benadam Gallup, Sr., Lieutenant Colonel, Patriotic Service

John Gilbert, Sergeant

Stephen Gregory, Lieutenant

Elijah Hungerford, Private

Joel Ives, Jr., Private

Lemuel Judson, Sergeant

Jeremiah Keeler, Sergeant

David Nichols, Private

John Packer, Jr., Patriotic Service, Private

Samuel Peck, Captain

Samuel Porter, Jr., Non-Commissioned

Jedediah Raymond, Private

Ebenezer Roberts, Non-Commissioned,


Elisha Scovell, Lieutenant

Noah Seymour, Private

Abner Slade, Sergeant

David Wakeley, Ensign 




Thomas Dorsey, Colonel

John Jupin, Patriotic Service 

Our Patriots

The members of the EDB chapter are proud to honor our  97 patriots that are represented from 11 different States.  They provided Patriotic and Civil Service.  They were a Chaplain, a Quartermaster,  a Signer of the Declaration of Independence,  Fifers, Non-Commissioned Officers, a Minuteman, a Matross,  Ensigns,  Soldiers, a Colonel, a Lieutenant Colonel, a Major, Captains,  Lieutenants,  Sergeants, Corporals, and Privates!  We are proud to honor these brave men and women for the service to our Country in the fight for our independence.  We will feature each patriot individually leading up to and during the America 250 celebration.



*Link to virtual cemetery on Find a Grave website:



New Hampshire

Joseph Beaman, Private

Timothy Emerson, Patriotic Service

John Flanders, Jr., Private

Benjamin Jaquith, Civil Service, Patriotic Service NH/MA

Hezekiah Lovejoy, Patriotic Service,


New York

Flamen Ball, Private

Richard Berrien, Patriotic Service

Sebastian Bowman, Major

George Brinkerhoff, Captain

Joel Coleman, Private

Preserved Dakin, Private

Jacob Dolson, Private

Elisa Freer, Private

Garrett Marselis, Private

William Sherman, Private

Garret Storm, Patriotic Service

James Tompkins, Fifer

Tobias Van Sant, Captain

John Calvin Wells, Private

Isaiah Wool, Captain

Peter Wikoff, Quartermaster Horse Troop



David Diefendorfer, Ensign

Thomas Fell, Private

Alexander Foster, Private

Jacob Gano, Captain, Patriotic Service

John Gibson, Private, Patriotic Service

Mary Ludwig Hays, aka Molly Pitcher,

Patriotic Service

John Hockenberry, Private

John George Ott, Private

North Carolina

Zachariah Lierly, Private

Nicholas Long, Colonel, Private,

Patriotic Service

James McCreary, Patriotic Service

William Perry, Patriotic Service

South Carolina

William Halbert, Lieutenant, VA/SC

Ambrose Hudgins, Sergeant



John Alexander, Private

John Barrett, Ensign (Minuteman)

Joseph Beaman, Private NH/MA

Phineas Brigham, Private

Artemas Brookins, Private

Joseph Bush, Jr., Lieutenant

Ephraim Chamberlain, Jr., Sergeant

Ephraim Chamberlain, Sr., Patriotic Service

Asa Danforth, Captain

William Emerson, Chaplain

Lot Fuller, Private

Frederick William Herman, Corporal

Job Howland, Sergeant

Benjamin Jaquith, Soldier, Civil Service, Patriotic Service NH/MA

Nathan Monroe, Sergeant

Phillip Nelson, Private

John Peach, MATR

Samuel Reed, Private

Stephen Russell, Private

James Spooner, Corporal

John Stewart, Lieutenant




New Jersey

Thomas Duval, Private

John Hart, Signer of the Declaration of Independence

Edmund Martin, Private, Patriotic Service


Grindall Reynolds, Jr., Corporal


Moses Ayers, Sr., Patriotic Service

James Ballard, Corporal

Leonard Bumgardner, Private

Samuel Cecil, Patriotic Service

John Lumpkin Crute, Lieutenant, 

Patriotic Service

John Cullen, Sergeant, Patriotic Service

Samuel Drury, Private

John Flanary, Soldier

William Halbert, Lieutenant VA/SC

Pendleton Isbell, Private

Robert Johnson, Captain

John Stevenson, Sergeant,

Patriotic Service




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